I am Tsuyoshi Abe, the Funky President of a DJ equipment shop called Disc Jam.
I have been selling all kinds of DJ equipments in Shibuya Tokyo since 1992 and am also a commercial PA sound engineer.

I was always frustrated with the cartridges available in the market.
Many customers who wanted the true sound of vinyl records consulted me what they can do to maximize the full potential of a vinyl record.
That led me to decide to develop my own cartridge and name it Taruya.

Made one by one by craftsmen in Japan, I recommend Taruya needles and cartridges with confidence.
If you are looking for the highest level of performance of a record needle, Taruya is your best bet.
Now many world class top DJs are using Taruya by choice.

Once you compare the sound quality of Taruya to competitors products, you will be no longer go back to your old needles.

I guarantee you will be satisfied with the overwhelming sound.

In Shibuya, there are a lot of different record stores. Shibuya is a remarkable record city unequaled in the world.
When you come to Tokyo, by all means visit Shibuya.

Sincerely,  Tsuyoshi Abe @Shibuya, Tokyo

Disc Jam CEO Abe