Product Introduction

Features of Taruya Cartridges.

Taruya 01M Red CartridgeTaruya 01M Red Cartridge Title

■The 01M cartridge is a basic model in Taruya products.

■Ideal for listening and normal DJ play.

■A model with excellent good value for money.

■High output level and wide dynamic range.

■The 01M is the best for playing all music genres.


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 Taruya 05M New Black Cartridge
Taruya 05M New Black Cartridge Title

■05M-2 New Black Cartridge uses an Elliptic stylus.

■High output level and wide dynamic range.

■The sound quality is more reproducible in the midrange than the 01M Red Cartridge.

■Suitable for playback of all music genres.


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Taruya 03M White Cartridge
Taruya 03M White Cartridge Title 

■The 03M is a model for hard scratch play.

■It is equipped with our proprietary anti-skip mechanism.

■It is the world's most skip-resistant cartridge.

■The sound is more solid and sharp than the 01M red cartrdge.


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Taruya 08M Black Cartridge
Taruya 08M Black Cartridge Title

■08M Black cartridge a compatible model that can play normal analog records and read control vinyl for DVS.

■High output level & dynamic range.

■You can experience the high sound pressure of a Taruya cartridge. Equipped with anti-skip mechanism.

■Developed for all DJs and turntablists who play a wide variety of music genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, House, Disco and Techno.

■It comes in matte black to match the color of the Technics SL-1200mk7 tone arm.


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Taruya 01M-S Blue Cartridge
Taruya 01M-S Blue Cartridge Title

■This is the flagship model of Taruya cartridges, which uses sapphire as the material for the stylus.

■The Sapphire Stylus is the world's first cartridge with an integrated headshell.

■It reproduces high-quality, rich bass and clear treble typical of analog vinyl.

■Sapphire stylus is suitable for playing old analog records such as Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Latin, etc.

■Equipped with anti-skip mechanism.


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Taruya FPC07M Silver Cartridge
Taruya FPC07M Silver Cartridge Title

■FPC-07-M cartrdge was developed for control vinyl of Serato-DJ / Pioneer-DJ rekordbox / TRAKTOR SCRATCH.

■So it can read the data for fast backspins.

■It is equipped with the same anti-skip mechanism as the 03M white cartridge, so it can handle hard scratch play.

■It can also play normal analog records.
(Sound quality is not as good as 01M red cartrdge or 03M white cartrdge.)

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