We often receive the following questions from our customers:
"Which cartridge should I choose?"
"What cartridge is best for my style of play"

Here are some tips to help you choose a TARUYA cartridge.

TARUYA offers two series, the "Standard Model" and the "Professional Model," tailored to the user's purpose.

Standard Model
01M Red Cartridge
05M-2 New Black Cartridge

Professional Model
03M White Cartridge
08M Black Cartridge
01M-S Blue Cartridge
FPC07M Silver Cartridge (DVS dedicated)

The main difference between the Standard and Professional models is the presence of the "shock absorber function" (a structure that makes skipping difficult).

The Standard Model has a typical cartridge structure, ideal for regular listening, as well as light scratch play and MIX play.

The Professional Model is equipped with a "shock absorber function" to handle hard scratch play, catering to the diverse play styles of professional DJs.

Cartridge Selection Recommendations

If your purpose for cartridge purchase is listening or home DJing, we recommend the Standard Model.

If you are a professional DJ seeking a cartridge that can adapt to various play styles, we recommend the Professional Model.

TARUYA cartridges are designed to enhance your music experience and DJ play. They are sure to be a valuable asset.