Taruya 05M-2 New Black Cartridge with Pre-Installed Stylus for Vinyl Lover [Taruya 05M-2]


The TARUYA series, an evolution of the iconic red cartridge, introduces the only elliptical stylus model. Revel in finely detailed audio quality, especially in the high-frequency range.

"This cartridge is perfect for those who..."
■If you're looking for a cartridge that features an elliptical stylus.
■If you desire a more powerful sound compared to your current cartridge.
■Curious about Taruya's cartridges and interested in trying them out.
■Great for hobbyist DJs.
■Ideal for individuals primarily enjoying records for listening purposes.
■If you want to experience a clearer mid-range sound than Taruya's red cartridge.

Taruya 05M-2 Neo Black Cartridge with Pre-Installed Stylus for Vinyl Lover. Genuine product from Japan.

05M-2 features a Elliptical stylus that allows for detailed sound quality.
The Elliptical stylus just fits into the sound groove.

High output Hi-Fi sound.
Features a new development Elliptical Stylus.

Based on the basic model 01M Red Cartridge, the 05M-2 Features a newly developed elliptical stylus for a more perfect fit to the sound groove.
05M-2 The New Black Cartridge has the same sound quality as the Red Crtridge, but with a more detailed Hi-range.

[Optimum music genre]
POPS / Popular Music
Disco Music / House / Techno / Jazz / Latin
Not suitable for scratch play.
If you want to play scratch, 03M White, 08M Black, or 01M-S Blue cartridges are recommended.

Taruya was founded by Japanese needle craftsman. Taruya Cartride has been used by lots of music lovers, audiophiles and world's famous professional Djs like Derrick May, Dj Harvey, Jazzy Jeff and so on.
This needle is comparatively cheaper and more economic than Ortofon but the sound is on a level with that of a higher model of Ortofon.
In addition, this is very good for djing like normal play. it doesn't jump easily and modulates the sound very nicely.
it's very clear, massive and fat.
I guarantee you will get what you pay for.

package includes
1x Cartridge with Pre-Installed Stylus.

Brand new item but doesn't come with the official package originally.
I will package sturdy and carefully with cardboard and bubble wrap.

Type:MM(Moving Magnet)
Frequency Range:N/A
Output Voltage:6.5〜12mV(9mV±2.5dB 5cm/sec)
Stylus Pressure:3.5g
Cartridge Weight:17g
Stylus type:Elliptical (Diamond Tip)


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