Taruya TW-01M-S Blue 2 Cartridges with Pre-Installed Stylus, Including Carrying Case for All Vinyl Lovers & DJs [Taruya TW-01M-S]


Transform your cherished vintage records into a dynamic auditory experience with this cartridge. Elevate your sound to the sublime!
"This cartridge is perfect for those who..."
■Ideal for those seeking a cartridge with a Sapphire stylus suitable for DJ play.
■Tailored for professional DJs.
■For those looking for a cartridge that minimizes skipping during hard scratch play.
■If you want to experience powerful sound on old albums and 7-inch singles.
■Perfect for individuals who prioritize high tracing ability and dynamic sound.

Taruya TW-01M-S Blue 2 Cartridges with Pre-Installed Stylus, Including Carrying Case for All Vinyl Lovers & DJs

The Best Masterpiece of Taruya cartridge!

We developed ground-breaking new Taruya cartridge 01M-S that has highest performance ever.

We use blue sapphire chips which are said that the load on vinyl is low when compared to the traditional diamond stylus since sapphire is softer than diamond.
This is the world first use of sapphire for the integrated cartridge.

01M-S(Blue Cartridge) is created by improving the quality of our basic model 01-M(Red Cartridge) with best craftsmanship.
For the toughness of needle skipping, it has equal effectiveness to 03-M(White Cartridge) which is for djs scratching frequently.
01M-S(Blue Cartridge) is the finest cartridge that offers the best performance in terms of dj playing and listening at home.

package includes
2x Cartridge with Pre-Installed Stylus, Including Carrying Case (Aluminum alloy).

Brand new item but doesn't come with the official package originally.
I will package sturdy and carefully with cardboard and bubble wrap.

Type:MM(Moving Magnet)
Frequency Range:N/A
Output Voltage:6.5〜12mV(9mV±2.5dB 5cm/sec)
Stylus Pressure:3.5g
Cartridge Weight:17g
Stylus type:Spherical (Spphire Tip)


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